High Quality Wood Watches for a Different Aesthetic

Who could say that being and feeling connected to nature is a bad thing?

It can’t be, in any kind of capacity. Only those who are nihilistic, self-defeating, hate their lives, hate the world at large and possess no zest for anything would make such a claim.

It’s been well documented the laundry list of positive and health-boosting benefits that being immersed in nature offers.

Your mood changes. Your mood elevates. All the stress and other negative emotions you drag around on a daily basis dissipate. A renewed feeling of vitality explodes within your body, and your psyche. You’re more creative. The world, one large fragile globe, and all it’s sacred beauty, is no longer just on the edge of your fingertips, but fully in the palm of your hands.

In addition, getting in ample exercise and Vitamin D round out the complete package.

Nature lovers have a gargantuan imagination, vivid zeal and seize the moment in every sing way possible.

Nature lovers also are earth-conscious and eco-friendly. They recognize that as human beings, being at the top of the food chain, it’s our responsibility more than any organism to take care of the all the varying ecosystems that constitute this expansive web of life.

We need to be at the forefront of creating a constructive feedback loop that sustains the homeostasis of our global environment. And it’s more than just banning single-use plastics, not emitting fossil fuels, and trying to innovate and maximize alternative, cleaner sources of energy.

Taking action to make that happen is vital. But representing the cause and internalizing within also makes a uncompromising, decisive statement, just as much.

One way to do that is to use eco-friendly products.


The fashion we wear on our exterior gives an impression on the values we hold on the inside. And a watch is an mighty eye-catching extension of your fashion.

Most people don’t wear watches to tell time. Time is finite, but the statement you make with a watch doesn’t have to be.

That’s why in some regards a wooden watch, built out of sustainable and natural materials, has spiked in popularity and appeal. Average consumers are trying to be more conscious about the consumerism they engage in.

That’s amazing, and is a trend that should continue to flourish in the upcoming decades, especially as climate change becomes a more prevalent issue in the upcoming decades. Everyone that can take a stand, small or big, is needed.

Here below are some brands of wood watches that consumers should inquire into:


Started by two German brothers who were inspired by a trip to Central America, Kerbholz watches have become known for their pristine, simple and minimalist designs.

For the last couple of years, the company has turning over their profits towards initiative, causes and projects that are pro-environmentalism, like the Ocean Clean-Up.

Bobo Bird

Bobo Bird is a formidable Chinese company that assembles its watches using wood that is “reclaimed” (repurposed and processed.) According to their website, Bobo Bird watches are a good combination of “Chinese craftsmanship and Japanese movement.” The reclaimed wood is a delicate combination of maple, bamboo and sandalwood, that comes together to create a distinct and ethnic product that Mother Nature would approve of.


Jord is a home-grown company in the United States, In addition to their main line of watches, Jord sells watch bands in collaboration with the line of watches that Apple has been selling in recent years. Their watches are hand-crafted. Their watches are a cohesive style, formed by a combination of classic and newer techniques.

There are a million more brands, modern and classic, that can be mentioned and highlighted. Their story and approach might differ, but the purpose that they serve, greater than profit is unified in one.


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If you buy a wood watch, you have two things on your mind: standing out and trying to convey a unique sense of class. Wood watches in my humble opinion are for rugged, grizzly men who are fearless, ruthless, assertive and constantly live life with a bold, raw and clear vision. Wood watches allow urban men to adapt to a more primitive being. Wood watches are sturdy, built to last, and built to forge greatness.

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