What Is the Definition of Vintage Clothing

The term “vintage” often refers to something from an earlier generation. Vintage, by its very definition, is by no means new. Therefore vintage clothing can be defined as clothing between 30 and 100 years old. It represents the style and trend of a given era. It is good to understand that the definition of vintage clothing is dynamic. It varies from one decade to another, and every decade brings forth new products that fit into this class.

People often confuse Classic Style with vintage clothing. As opposed to vintage style, classic style is a design/ style that remains classy(stylish ) over a long period. It does not represent a specific era but cuts through all ages. The concept of vintage fashion is gaining momentum and settling into it’s guided place on the high street and internet.

If you love vintage clothing, then you will need to know how to purchase these items. Consider these simple factors and the process of getting your vintage designs will be a walk in the path:


Just like any other type of clothing, you should ensure that it fits you well. Vintage clothes are awesome in this respect designers in previous eras invested more effort into tailoring, compared with what designers do now. To get one that fits you, try on the outfit, be sure to leave approximately 3-7mm space in between the cloth fabric and your skin. This way, you will get neither bunch nor overstretch the material.

Colors, patterns, and prints of vintage

By all means. Vintage is more about the prints and trends of the fabrics. Prints for these outfits are generally floral prints or paisley prints. The size of these prints is also important, small and beautiful editions hide a lot of things and can make a person look slender; on the other hand, larger and bold prints point up ones’ features rather than hide them. As for patterns, checkered designs add a vintage touch to both women and men’s outfits. Vertical stripes on vintage clothing give the illusion of height to a person while horizontal stripes accentuate the width. It is good to keep in mind that different widths of stripes have different effects.


Quality should be priority number one. Ensure that the quality is up to scratch, it is no good spending a fortune on a dress that tears the first time that you put it on.

Fortunately, vintage clothing is often made of higher quality materials than modern-day clothing. To check on the quality of the material, test the zips and be sure that they are strong, and that they glide smoothly. Also, check on the stitching, pull and tug a little, there should be no cracking of materials and the seam should be firm.


Vintage clothing can convey a great fashion statement. For starters, begin your collection with simple designs and avoid stained materials. Aged stains can be difficult to remove. Finally, If you like accessories pieces from past eras, go for it, But stick to accessories that match with your contemporary clothes for a touch of vintage, instead of mixing up several styles.

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